Research & Publications

PRAISE FOR Jockeying for the American Presidency  “This is one of the best books this discipline has contributed to the study of presidential nominations and elections. Lara Brown’s book has three especially attractive features. First, she correctly conceives of ambition as the theoretical base and she roots that ambition early in presidential aspirants’ political careers. Second, she is very clear in the interaction between individual goals, here ambition for the Oval Offi ce, and the development of partisan and electoral institutions. Third, as necessitated by the small number of nominations and the endogeneity among ambition, opportunity, and institution, her study is deeply historical. But history here is not just good research design; it animates the study and makes it such a pleasure to read.”  — John H. Aldrich, Duke University - - - MORE PRAISE

Research Interests:  American political parties, presidential aspirants, congressional incumbents, political scandals, national elections, and ideological development in presidential rhetoric.

Other Publications (w/ links): 

Edited book: The Presidential Leadership Dilemma: Between the Constitution and a Political Party with Julia Azari and Zim Nwokora (Albany, NY; SUNY Press, 2013)

Book chapter: "Reactionary Ideologues and Uneasy Partisans: Bush and Realignment" in Judging Bush (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 2009).

Book chapter: "A High-Speed Chase: Presidential Aspirants and the Nomination Process" in Understanding the Presidency (NY: Pearson, 2011).

Journal article: "Around Closed Doors and Through Open Windows: A Theory of Aspirant Opportunism" (Congress & the Presidency, 2009).

Journal article: "The Greats and the Great Debate: President William J. Clinton's Use of Presidential Exemplars" (Presidential Studies Quarterly, 2007).

Journal article: "Revisiting the Character of Congress: Scandals in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1966-2002" (Journal of Political Marketing, 2006).